Scopuly Token (SCOP)
access to the main Scopuly services

SCOP is the token of the Scopuly platform. It allows you to invest and launch IEO projects, pay commissions from crypto-fiat exchange transactions, rewards, bonuses and access to future Scopuly services. Powered by stellar Stellar.

Platform for issuing, selling, exchanging, and storing assets built on Stellar

decentralised economy

Scopuly - Stellar Wallet & SDEX. Storage, payments, exchange and issue of digital assets.

Scopuly combines the functionality of a secure Stellar wallet, a decentralized digital asset trading (SDEX) interface and an IEO platform.

  • Secret keys. Only the user owns the private key and has access to the funds. Nobody, except himself, can influence the account.
  • Payments and Path Payments. Cross-border multicurrency transfers and payments on the Stellar blockchain.
  • Trade without commissions. Transaction confirmation 3-5 seconds and very low transaction cost ≈ $ 0.0003. Easier to say for free.
The SCOP token serves as the main fuel for the ecosystem and provides users with full access to the platform features.

About SCOP token

SCOP token Functionality and benefits

The SCOP token serves as the main fuel for the ecosystem and provides users with full access to the platform features. Its main functions are as follows:

  • Required to launch and participate in IEO projects on Scopuly Launchpad
  • Gives a 25-50% discount for paying commissions from fiat exchanges and payments
  • Provides increased payments for the referral program up to 20%
  • Weekly staking payments to holders
  • Rewards and loyalty points
  • Participation in the development of Scopuly by voting
  • Access to future platform services


SCOP on exchanges

Coming soon: p2pb2b | scopuly idax | scopuly vindax | scopuly latoken | scopuly probit-exchange | scopuly and other exchanges...


Features Scopuly

Multi-account secure Stellar wallet | Scopuly
Multi-account secure Stellar Wallet

Make payments or payments with exchange along the path of offers (PathPayment) in crypto or in any of your tokens, around the world, without restrictions, without fees.

Create Wallet
Tokenization Assets (Issuing Tokens) | Scopuly
Tokenization Assets (Issuing Tokens)

Issue of own crypto tokens on the Stellar blockchain. The issuing process is simple and affordable for everyone, even without special technical knowledge.

Issue your tokens
Decentralized Asset Exchange (SDEX) | Scopuly
Decentralized Asset Exchange (SDEX)

Trade on SDEX, the global digital asset market. Without registration, without intermediaries, without minimum deposits, without commissions, at a speed of 3-5 sec / tx.

Trade now
Scopuly IEO Launchpad
IEO Launchpad

Invest in IEO projects on Scopuly Launchpad. Run your IEO with no listing fees. IEO tokens will immediately appear on the market and again without listing fees.

Run IEO project
Buy / Sell Crypto | Scopuly
Buy / Sell Crypto for Fiat

Buy and sell crypto for fiat money. 200 countries of the world are supported and such currencies as: USD, EUR, RUB +10 digital coins BTC, LTC, ETH, DASH, BCH.

Buy XLM or Tokens
Stellar Block Explorer | Scopuly
Block Explorer

The powerful and detailed Block Explorer for Stellar allows you to receive and analyze all possible combinations of data and transactions from the blockchain.

Explore history


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Scopuly - entry point to Stellar

our way

Road Map

Q1 2017
  • Formation of the concept and team.
  • Market research.
  • Start of work on Scopuly Wallet.
Q2 2018
  • Development and release of Scopuly Wallet.
  • Development of exchange interface for SDEX.
  • Launch of Scopuly applications for Android, iOS.
Q3 2019
  • Development of an asset tokenization interface.
  • Full management of Stellar Account.
  • Implementation of multi-signatures on wallets.
Q1 2020
  • Block Explorer development for Stellar.
  • Start of work on a fiat gateway.
Q2 2020
  • Start of work on IEO platform Scopuly Launchpad.
Q1 2021
  • Development of a trading platform: adding new trading tools, asset analytics, market predictions, control of investment income / expenses.
  • Deep-links for cryptocurrency payments: simplified payment acceptance.
Q2 2021
  • Development of Block Explorer: aggregation and display of an even larger volume of data for analysis, comparative and auxiliary functions for researching Stellar data.
  • Integration with hardware wallets Lender Nano S / X, Tresor.
Q3 2021
  • Extension for the browser (analogue of Metamask).
  • Multisig coordinator: managing multi-signatures, receiving XDR transactions for signing or sending XDR for signing to other users with notifications to the parties.
Q4 2021
  • Conducting an IEO Scopuly project.
  • Conducting an IEO Scopuly project.
  • Listing of the SCOP token on the decentralized SDEX exchange.
  • Launch of the Scopuly exchange interface (web).
  • Completion of development of the IEO platform.
  • Marketing campaign.
Q1 2022
  • SCOP token listing on centralized crypto exchanges.
  • IEO Launchpad: launch of the IEO platform for free access for startups and investors to the emerging IEO market.
  • Placement of the first projects on the IEO platform.
  • Development team expansion.
  • Continuation of the marketing campaign.

Mobile app

Scopuly Wallet on your mobile device

You can also store your SCOP tokens and trade them directly from the mobile application. Scopuly supports all Stellar tokens. Listing new tokens for free.

scopuly motile app

awesome services

How to buy SCOP

To hold SCOP tokens you need a Stellar Address. You can create it right in Scopuly.

Create Address

To hold SCOP tokens you need a Stellar Address. You can create it right in Scopuly.

To activate the address and keep SCOP on it, you need to send at least 2.5 XLM to the address.

Activate Address

To activate the address and keep SCOP on it, you need to send at least 2.5 XLM to the address.

To own any Stellar asset, you must open Trustline for it - this is a new balance at your address.

Trustline to SCOP

To own any Stellar asset, you must open Trustline for it - this is a new balance at your address.

As soon as the SCOP balance appears at your address, you can buy / sell tokens.

Buy / Sell Tokens

As soon as the SCOP balance appears at your address, you can buy / sell tokens.

Our data

Token Distribution

  • Name: SCOP (Stellar Asset)
  • Purchase methods accepted: XLM, BTC, ETH, LTC
Supply 10B SCOP
Session cap 1,260,000 USD
Cost of 1 SCOP Token 0.012 USD
  • New Token emissions: Unavailable
  • Bonus system: Yes
  • Presale of Private Sale: Yes
  • Know Your Customer (KYC): Yes
  • Min/Max Personal Cap: 1 XLM / No limit
  • Token activation: Instant
  • Registration: No
  • Restricted areas: USA, China, Singapore, Canada

Buy Tokens
  • 40% IEO
  • 16% Team
  • 16% Marketing/Ecosystem
  • 10% Reserve fund
  • 10% Privat Sell/Seed
  • 3% Advisors
  • 3% Airdrop & Loyalty
  • 2% Community


Frequency Asked Questions

  • What is unique about the Scopuly platform?

    Scopuly provides access to innovative decentralized financial instruments. Here are the main modules of the platform: a secure cryptocurrency wallet; multicurrency transfers and payments; decentralized trade in digital assets; deposit / withdrawal of fiat funds; issue of tokens; investing in startup tokens and a powerful Block Explorer for analyzing data (addresses, assets, transactions, operations).

  • What problems does Scopuly solve?

    1. Security issues. In Scopuly, no one can access the user's funds or forbid him to make transactions of any kind at any time, since only the wallet owner himself has the secret key to the wallet.

    2. Slow and costly transfers and payments. Scopuly can do this fast and free.

    3. Problems listing new tokens. In Scopuly, the user himself places the tokens on the SDEX exchange, without any restrictions, moderation and monetary contributions to the platform operator.

    4. Problems of centralized authorization. Scopuly does not force users to register with the platform. This means that even if the Scopuly servers for some reason turn out to be unavailable for some time, all the platform functions (payments, trade, emission) will continue to be available without interruptions in the application.

    5. Problems of issuing new assets. The issuance of new crypto assets in Scopuly is the simplest and most understandable process. You can issue your tokens right now here:

    6. Problems of buying / selling crypto for fiat money. Scopuly allows you to either deposit fiat funds into your account or withdraw them back to fiat, all within the same platform.

    7. Problems listing IEO projects. Scopuly has no fee for listing new IEO projects, and therefore such an inaccessible method of financing as IEO becomes available for any level of startup.

    8. Problems of data analysis. Scopuly has its own powerful Block Explorer for searching and analyzing all data from Stellar, here you can analyze all types of transactions and operations, view any Stellar addresses, assets, offers, orderbook and much more.

    9. Problems managing the Stellar account. Scopuly provides the most complete management of your Stellar account, which means that now you do not need to store money in one wallet, but manage your account in some other wallet / system, endangering your private key.

  • Can I use Scopuly anonymously?

    Yes, of course. This is an important feature of Scopuly. In order to use fully all the platform features you do not have to register a new user in the system. Mandatory user registration is only required to run IEO projects.

  • Can I buy SCOP tokens from another Stellar wallet?

    Yes, it is possible. Since SCOP is listed on SDEX, you can trade tokens from any Stellar wallet that supports Stellar Assets & DEX.

  • Can I sell SCOP immediately after purchase?

    Yes, it is possible. Since SCOPs are listed on SDEX, you can trade them immediately after the tokens are at your address.

  • When will the tokens be listed on exchanges?

    The good news is that SCOP is already available for trading on SDEX. Here are some Stellar exchanges where the token is listed: Scopuly, Stellarport, Interstellar, StellarTerm, StellarX ... And the token is also available for trading in other Stellar wallets and exchanges supporting Stellar Assets. We are also negotiating with other cryptocurrency exchanges to list the token and ensure its greater liquidity.

  • How to get Trustline for SCOP?

    On each exchange, this may look different in the interface. The main point is that you need to open a new balance at the address (trustline). In Scopuly, this can be done in two ways: 1) Go to the asset page, then click on the Buy button and select your address in the dialog that opens, after which, if the asset is not on the address, the system will offer to open Trustline for this token - you have to agree and after that you can buy / accept / sell this token. 2) On the page of the address where you want to install Trustline, go to the Trustlines or Balances section and there you will find all your balances for this address, as well as a form for adding new Trustlines.

  • What are the benefits of SCOP holders?

    SCOP token holders have a number of unique features. 1) Payment of commissions on fiat exchange. 2) 25% discount on commission fees on deposit / withdrawal of fiat money. 3) Investing in IEO projects on the platform. 4) Fundraising through the launch of IEO in Scopuly. 5) Rewards and loyalty points. 6) Access to future platform services.

  • When will I receive my tokens?

    Tokens will appear at your address immediately after the transaction (3-5 seconds).

  • How does Scopuly Wallet secure funds?

    1. Storage of private keys. Scopuly does not send over the network and does not store user private keys on the server. Only the user has access to the private key from the wallet and no one else. No one can interfere with transactions and no one can withdraw or block funds, except for the owner of the secret key. 2. Signature of transactions. Private keys are securely encrypted locally on the user's device and stored in a temporary local memory area. Signing of transactions occurs locally and only after that is sent to the network for execution. 3. 2FA authentication. For greater security of your authorization session, you can connect 2FA authorization using the famous Google Authenicator application. 4. PIN code. By activating this security option, before signing a transaction, your personal PIN-code will be requested.

Our brain

Our Team

Vladimir Parmon
Finance Software Engineer / Co-Founder
Alexander Grotesk
Head of Digital Marketing / Co-Founder
Anna Rozantseva
Chief Strategy Planning Officer
Dmitri Matushkin
Chief engineer and technical officer
Veronica Bureeva
Public Relations Officer
Evgeni Kozich
Senior Full Stack, mobile and blockchain developer
Liudmila Dolgih
Social Media Marketing Manager
Alexei Seliavkin
Front end Developer
Alexei Inutkin
Front end Developer
Alexei Krutov
Mobile Developer
Alexander Kovalev
Marketing – Traffic Manager
Alexei Runov
Back end Developer



Lalit Bansal | Entrepreneur, CEO, Top Advisor | Scopuly
Lalit Bansal
Entrepreneur, CEO, Top Advisor

Crypto Enthusiast, Blockchain expert, Investor, and Speaker are the major features that describe my best.

Andrey Voronkov | Founder of Voronkov Ventures | Scopuly
Andrey Voronkov
Founder of Voronkov Ventures

Andrey participated in SONM (Supercomputer organized by Network Mining) as one of the two main co-authors of the project.

Zied Chaabane | Business Consultant and Entrepreneur | Scopuly
Zied Chaabane
Business Consultant and Entrepreneur

Co-Founder of YalaGroup and YalaCoins. He worked with huge groups like, Accenture, ADGAS, Cisco, P&G, Schlumberger, Honeywell and Emerson.

Hamza Khan | Blockchain expert and ico analyst | Scopuly
Hamza Khan
Blockchain expert and ico analyst

Expert in Stellar Blockchain and worked with many icos and help them reach a successful position in the market.

Jefrey Gomez | Director & Investor at ClickAcademy | Scopuly
Jefrey Gomez
Director & Investor at ClickAcademy

Is a highly experienced Asia-Pacific regional business leader, and has worked in the shipping, logistics, ecommerce, construction, travel.

Raghu Bala | CEO, NetObjex Inc | Scopuly
Raghu Bala
CEO, NetObjex Inc

Current focus areas: Decentralized computing, Distributed ledgers, IoT, Cryptocurrencies.

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Scopuly in media

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